Mage the awakening(unnamed)

Sessions 2

Session 2 was a bit chaotic, doing this bullet style out of laziness/shitty recollection of event order. (To the rest of the players PLEASE update this if you remember things that I left out because I am pretty sure I’m forgetting things, unless this session really didnt have much going on.)

  • Met witch hunters(a group of mages whom we can only presume hunt Scelestai.) whom were looking for a group of witches in our neighborhood.
    arguably the entire encounter could have gone 100% better,Elysia is pretty sure she fucked it up, and the situation was only saved thanks to Scoobys being polite to them.

*Cabal was sent a flamboyant invitation to a pre halloween gathering that after research was revealed to be in the middle of fucking nowhere. Needless to say the cabal was, more then surprised by the dog erupting into a shower of flowers and scrawling message in the sanctums living room.

*After the unexpected message its decided that we need to install exterior cameras so we can see whos at the door before we open it.

*The group (Against warnings from the witch hunters) decide to attend the mage gathering they were invited to.

Session ended with manalight finding out the witch hunters left a ghostly spy on the property as we were getting ready to leave for the party. The ghost was not so much dealt as put away to be fixed later(if i recall), and the group set off to the party.



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