Elysia Crowley


Player – Dana
Virtue- Resolute
Vice- Greed
Path- Mastigos
Order- Mysterium

Intelligence 2
Wits 2
Resolve 3
Strength 2
Dexterity 2
Stamina 3
Presence 3
Manipulation 3
Composure 2


Investigaton 3 (Artifact specialty)
Occult 2

Athletics 3
Brawl 2
Larceny 2 (Security Systems)
Stealth 2
Weaponry 2 (Swords)

Animal Ken
Persuasion 2
Socialize 2
Streetwise 1
Subterfuge 2

Mind 3
Space 3
Prime 1

High Speech 1
Library 1(relics)
Alternate Identity 2
Sanctum 1
Luxary 2
Resources 2
Contacts 2
Deep Raport 1
Striking looks- Alluring 2

Speed 10
Defense 5
Initiative Mod: 5






Mind 2 Raise skill 8 dice
Space 2 Scrying 8 dice
Prime 1 Anaylze Item 5 dice
Space 1 Finder 8 dice
*Magical tools:

Dragon headed cane made of polished brass with a concealed sword. The head of the cane is a dragon with ruby eyes clutching a large emerald in its mouth.(full write up on weapons page under Elysia’s Cane)
Fighting dragon sword cane 450

Arcana tools:
Mind- Notebook/diary
Space- Mirrored sunglasses(mirrored on the inside, and just slightly see through.)
Prime- A prisim that fits in the palm of the hand


Always put together, wears nice clothes. Favors Jeans and above the knee boots, with a three inch heel and nice shirts that vary based on what she’s doing or whom she’s trying to impress.
Keeps her long aubrun hair down, if she’s Working she pulls it up into a tight pony tail to keep it out of her face.
Has a very light tan, and bright green eyes.
5’9 (6’ even in her normal heels) and thin with a hint of toned muscle from jogging and minor weight lifting(nothing excessive and not prominent)
*Pre awakening:

Elysia was a con artist, whom used men to get money then took all they had and vanished. She moved around from city to city ever so often to avoid being caught. She didnt keep in touch with her family she had no interest in dealing with her abusive drug addict father and drunk of a mother living in the slums, she has two older siblings whom she hates for leaving her with her parents.
She was never interested in “settling down” she didnt finish high school, and instead focused on finding easy ways to earn money. She is self motivated and believes if you can do it you should, as you only live once. You have to enjoy life while you have it. She moved from San Fransico, to Seattle shortly before her awakening.

Elysia started having dreams(nightmares sometimes), searching for something that eluded her, a way to ensure she wouldnt have to worry about money again. After a couple of weeks of these damn near maddening dreams one night she found herself sitting at a desk across from a man whom had been telling her she could have everything she wanted and that i would only cost her her soul.(Now she understands or hopes that this means opening herself up to the supernal and that this “Demon” is not going to come calling one day) A contract sat on the desk in front of her illegible save for the area she was to sign. She didnt hesitate to pick up the pen and sign away her soul.
She was amazed by the world of magic, but in the back of her mind she does wonder if she didnt in fact sell her soul for power and that one day she will be expected to pay the price.
She paid a hearty sum to get legal paperwork for her new identity. Elysia Crowley. Effectivly destroying her previous life and leaving it behind for good. She has no interest in ever going back to being Samantha Winters.

Elysia’s mentor was a grade A abusive prick. He seemed to think the best way to motivate her was to be a bastard to her(and he was right, her parents had treated her the same way and it motivated her into doing everything she could to get away from them for good.) Despite his methods she learned quite a bit from him, but after a year of his crap she decided she would be better on her own.

A shifting halo of reddishbrass light that surrounds her extending out a few inches from her body, it makes observers feel like they are being drawn to her, and yet at the same time they feel like they can never reach her. If someone is very close to her(physically) they will feel a sense of forboding and dread like to touch her would require giving a bit of their soul away.
Elysia is confident, and cocky. Insanely intrested in money and the finer things. She barters in artifacts and information. She doesnt place much value in friendship, and should a buyer come along offering enough she will sell out her friends.

Elysia likes to drink and smoke, most nights if she’s alone she drinks a fair bit. Elysia drinks because as much as she likes to claim she’s detached she fears for her soul and has since she awakened. Elysia isnt the type for “long term relationships” instead she prefers one night stands or short term flings over emotional attachments.

She enjoys swimming, jogging, reading(she is facinated by stuff on deals with devils), Going out drinking

On any job she expects half the payment up front this is to ensure that she does not get screwed over when she delievers. She is on retainer to the vampires, whom pay her to find people(or vampires) for them. What they do with the information she does not give much though.
Though she is more then skilled at stealing, if she can convince the person to part with it for MUCH less then she’d get if she sold it she will just buy it. Same goes for information if its less work to just BUY it she will.
She does not discriminate in her clientele, if they can pay she’ll do it. (Information, and artifacts only, she does not do murder or kidnapping.)

What she sells:
Information- Locations of people(or vampires), location of items, extending scrying on targets or places for purposes of blackmail or revealing plans.
Artifacts- This depends on what she can get a hold of, if its legit, and if she can find a buyer.

What she wont sell/do:
Murder, kidnapping, Reveal the location of another mages sanctum to anyone other then another mage, share the secrets of awakened magic with anyone other the mages.

Her rules for work:
Do not tell me what you want the information for, this is a bussiness transaction I have no desire to know the details.
You pay half up front, cash only,the rest when I deliever.
Stiff me out of my pay and I will ruin you.
If you want me to find a person bring me something of theirs, preferably hair or blood. If you cant the price will be higher as this makes my job harder. Their full BIRTH name will also help.
If you want me to watch a location, I need pictures of the place(inside and out) and an adress, if you cannot get pictures thats fine, but I will need the adress no matter what.
We must meet in person, in a public place of my choosing to disscuss the job and for payment and delivery.(You will be notified by a text of this location when I arrive there myself, you will be notified 3 days in advance of what day and time the meeting is set for, location will not be revealed untill 1 hour before the meeting.)

Personal Goals and Ambitions:
Elysia wants to be famous for her work, at least amongst those that matter. (the supernatural community)
Make a TON of money( resources 5+)
Build up a collection of powerful artifacts of her own.
Find a soul stone.
Get a hollow or reliable source of mana.
Find out if the Devil(and Hell) are real.
Build a safe haven meeting place for supernaturals.

Elysia Crowley

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