Elysias's Cane

weapon (melee)

Fighting dragon sword cane 450Fighting dragon sword cane 450
(Colors in picture not accurate to actual colors as in description, this was as close as I could get)

This weapon belongs to Elysia Crowley

She had this cane custom made it cost a hefty 3.5 grand and many months of waiting it is one of a kind and not easily replaced.

The body is made of polished brass, the head is shaped like a dragons head made or silver with ruby eyes and a large emerald clutched in its open mouth.

With a press of a small button located near where the head of the cane meets with the body, and a small twist of the head, the brass sheath can be pulled off revealing an iron short sword about 2 1/4 feet long.

Elysias's Cane

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