Mage the awakening(unnamed)

Session 1- Oct 11 2013

Session 1:

Meeting with the council to be assigned a cabal. Mandatory since the city is seeing an influx of solitary mage scelestus, so in order to police that issue solitary mages are being forced to join a cabal or marked as possible scelestai. Cabal was given one month to write up a charter and submit the location of their sanctum to the council.

Introductions between the 5 mages that were told to form a cabal.

Group went back to Elysia’s house to discuss what they were going to do.

Mana Lights mentor "Helen (place holder name) directed Crystline Rose to Elysia’s Study/Library where she was then directed to awaken a latent Hollow there. (Giving the group acsses to a 4 dot hollow)

The group settled on using Elysia’s house as their Sanctum. Everyone was given a room.

Roles in the Cabal were assigned:
Scooby- Hearth Master
Elysia- Lorekeeper
Mana Light – Doorwarden
Occluded Lens- Farseeker
Crystline Rose- Edgetender

Cabals rules were set, charter formed(out of character, we had little time and choose to just skip doing this in game, and to have each player write up what they’d like to see in the charter/rules in the time between this session and the next,and discuss them out of character before the next session)

In character the group disscused which of the great tradtions we respect.
Sanctuary Respected
Sanctum Respected
Travel/territory Respected
Ameritus Not Respected
Nemesis Respected

Addendums we set to these:


Those requesting this must give a piece of themselves(Hair or blood), should they break sanctuary(attacking one of the cabal members, stealing from the sanctum etc) It will be used to track them down and punish them.

Those staying within our sanctum are not to use any agressive magice (this includes, direct damage, mental damage, memory alterations/manipulations, mindcontrol.)


We respect a mages right to travel through our territory, however we will not go out of our way to provide assitance to the traveler. Should you get into trouble you will be expected to handle it yourself.

The group spent some time getting to know each other.

A mage named Angeum showed up requesting Sanctuary, claiming he was being stalked by the Seers. We allowed him in and get his story. He claimed he stole an artifact from an art gallery that he belived the Seers would want as it allowed direct contact with the Exarchs. While we were disscussing things and inspecting the “Artifact” he slipped away.(claiming to have needed the bathroom upon his return)

When Cyrstaline Rose showed up she anylyzed the artifact and deemed it a fake.

Scooby questioned Angeum asking why he lied to us.Angeum used mind magic to control Elysia and have her place herself between himself and scooby. At that point things got hostile. Angeum ran, and though we tried to stop him he got away. It was at that point we started to wonder about what he had done while in the “bathroom” and investigated the house, it was determined that he had marked our hollow in an attempt to steal mana from it.

The group decided to have Crystline Rose claim ownership of the hollow via magic, allowing her to be the only person whom can draw mana from the hollow. Also discussed: Increasing the security of the sanctum by installing a high end security system, bullet proof glass windows and building a guest house for those requesting sanctuary so that they do not have to enter the main house.

The last 20 minuets of the session were spent discussing the arcana out of character.



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